Behind most of the media hype anxiety, traffic anxiety, we should do is to escape the fear and anxiety of coercion to find self-growth and market competition opportunities.


This year's New Year's speech, they should also say:2019 economic situation, the environment and so on how bad,2020 should be more difficult, more difficult to say such words.


Much of the reason for this pre-judgment is that a lot of the media have been spreading such bad language since September and October 2019.


You should know that many mainstream media are still busy checking the death list of enterprises in all fields in 2019, reporting all kinds of enterprise layoffs and employee unemployment incidents, and publicizing all kinds of crises and uneasiness in 2020.


I've been working with people who complain almost every day and spread negative energy to the group -- saying that this activity can't be done, that the merchant doesn't cooperate, that the product can't be sold, and so on.


In 2020, economists said A-shares would rise by%, and that the same percentage would add up to more than 90%. Next year's A-share market probability is worth looking forward to.


Many merchants only stare at Taobao, Taobao cannot do when, did not want to do small red book, do shake sound, do fast hand. Not even to study, pay the courage and action of the tuition. You don't study, you don't spend money on professional people, how do you make money?


There are traditional micro-quotients who complain that they are not making money. However, they never thought that many of their micro-business friends have transformed into a team leader on many social e-commerce platforms, starting a new career. Or became the leader of various short video, live sale platform.


Those who say to you all day, this cannot, that cannot, generally did not earn a few money. And those who really make money, are quietly trying to find opportunities.


From the point of view of the crowd, there are after 95, after 00; from the audience, there are live users, quadratic element users; from the income of 2020 is about to enter a well-off society, everyone's income is higher and the number of rich people is more and more.


For after 95, after 00, there are quadratic element brand, there are Hanfu brand. Taobao has a shop called \"more than 13\", specially sold Hanfu. Shops now have 3.02 million fans, up 2 million in a year compared to 2018.


For take-out platform users, there are fierce men fried rice,25 and a half. One of them was born in Hangzhou take-out brand - Meng male fried rice, in just four years more than 300 stores nationwide, a year to sell 100 million yuan fried rice.


There are also perfect diaries, Zhong Xue Gao, HFP, bear appliances and so on, from food to beauty makeup, from home to offline drinks, a variety of new brands for different users emerge in endlessly.


Taobao added more than 2,000 Amoy brands in 2019, according to Taobao data. Top5 industry distribution: clothing, home, jewelry jewelry, luggage and pet food, supplies.


And in 2018, more than 300 million people bought nearly 1 billion digital accessories such as mobile phone cases, membranes, data lines and portable battery from Taobao Tmall, more than 80 percent of them from Tmall.


Many are very small points, and they mentioned the global market, the world window, the Chinese dividend, the industrial upgrading, the big manufacturing, the third generation wave also has a lot of inspiration, hope to follow up to share.


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