From yesterday evening to Monday morning, there was a snowfall in Beijing. Many people say they want to go to the Forbidden City to punch in the snow at the beginning of the New Year, but the Forbidden City closes every Monday. Why does it always snow the day before the Forbidden City closes? In response, the weather service said it was \"purely coincidental \".


Beijing west station, a passenger through the security check, because \"winter wear too thick, carrying luggage pick up trouble,\" directly on the security machine, the company with a bag over the security, security inspectors immediately stopped the machine. The police educated the passenger about safety...


The last time I took the bus, I saw a guy paying by using his mobile phone, and he dropped his cell phone into the slot. 。。 The same song! real ? mobile payment!


I invested a little bit in Xiamen and COCO milk tea shop, and then took the fire engineer certificate, speculation at home, watch the video to collect red envelopes, hit mobile phone Yuanbao and equipment unlimited recovery! Easy monthly income eight to one hundred thousand! Last month planted hair, in the single group met a rich woman, strive to get married this year!


Yu Zheng sent a Weibo that said his new play and then second delete, this operation on the instant hot search, directly to that play to promote a wave. 。。 This is the most coquettish way I've ever seen!


There is a friend, look average, the impression of the first meeting is absolutely ugly kind, with him found that from his talk, dress, treat people and other aspects are very good, slowly you will find that -- ugly advantages are no longer useful. (xie 107)


In a recent post at the career forum,\" the company's annual staff draw a first prize, the result is that the prize is: free of coupons, can offset a layoff \".


The boss asked me to introduce myself to the interview. \"I said,\" I don't know how to write the word'fail'. The boss patted me on the shoulder and said,\" Yes, I have your seat.\" That's a surprise. When I was interviewed before, when I was told I was illiterate, they would tell me to get out.


It is necessary for the modern people to show off the new century English-Chinese dictionary: handhandsloudloudds = dry death, waterlogged death; you have your express delivery; how beautiful words; see if you like your words; how pay = good match; knowledge = you say your horse; knowledge = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle == cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle == cattle = cattle == cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle = cattle == horse = horse == water === water = water == water == water == water


Recently, a high school in Lianyungang held tug-of-war competition. Senior three single teacher command their own class students, in the other class 30 seconds without the strength of the situation, a wave of easy to win the game. Teacher Shan said that command tug-of-war first let the other side 30 seconds, is to find out the situation of the opponent, to preserve strength.


Shopping met a man and a woman, girls are teaching boys to please his wife:\" Buy some of this for your wife, she loves to eat. Buy some more, and she's a big eater... By the way, the last time she said she wanted this, you bought her some... Today you go home to keep your wife very gentle with you. Then I realized that they were married...


Earlier, a man in zhejiang xiaoshan falsely reported more than 2 million yuan to the boss, by the end of the year, cannot hide, he unexpectedly came up with a strange idea: ask two actors to deceive the boss.


After reading the details of the news, I really think this boy is into the wrong line, to see the process of looking for actors to deceive the leadership, found that he wrote the script to find actors and directors really good! Probably better than mom. 。。


Recently, a number of consumers reported to the media, in a bath center, the purchase of more than 70,000 yuan in 20 years to pay only air tickets to travel products. However, after the discovery, these groups, not only into a difficult group, in the journey there is a \"random charge\" situation. Customers say they have been locked in a 20-year contract.


Now I'm going to do this, go straight with the signing clubhouse, change to 20 years \"sword\" project I see more reliable than travel, the big deal I used up 20 years of \"sword\" all right?


In the Great Maritime Age, to measure the speed of the ship, the rope was tied to a wood with equal spacing, and was continuously pulled into the water with the current. Using an hourglass. After a while, how much wood down, the speed is how much. The logbook is all about yesterday's log, today's log, and so it becomes. (Network)


A few days ago, the british media reported a terrorist incident in late last year: two british thieves broke into a warehouse to make a big move, but they found that the warehouse was full of rotting human organs! They were pissed off on the spot. It turned out that the warehouse was all the discarded human organs and expired drugs that a company had used to keep in the hospital.


In an illinois bank heist two days ago, a 39-year-old robber, mr. ogs, held a 39-year-old woman in the hands of a police officer for six hours, but instead of robbing money, he sexually assaulted a female bank employee.


If you give someone $1,000 she gives you a hug, she might feel like you're in trouble. If you simply give him 1000 yuan, but do not ask him to hug you, you can probably get a sincere hug.


Besides, all kinds of lessons tell us that things on the Internet really cannot be too true, today's new QQ features, may be used to end some of the network chat coquettish operation.


According to netizens, apple's ios version and the android version of the phone qq are now online with a new feature that can show the phone's power and charging status in real time, and the classic excuse of \"no electricity back to chat\" looks like a bad excuse to use later.


In thinking of a problem, unmarried single will always be urged to marry, and married and divorced will not be urged, then why not directly regard me as divorced?